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How do I reduce/increase a budget?

There may be instances in which a consumer’s annual budget amount needs to be reduced or increased (i.e., as a result of cost plan reviews, living setting changes, or changes in QSI scores.)  Only area office staff can reduce or increase a budget, so please contact your area office for assistance.

To reduce or increase the annual budget amount, follow the steps below.
1. Click Consumers in the Workplace menu

2. Locate the consumer you wish to change. Highlight the consumer and double click. This will open the Consumer Information page

3. On the left side under the Details menu click Annual Cost Plan

4. Verify that the cost plan is in either Draft or Pending Review status

5. Click on Annual Budgets

6. Double click on the budget amount.

7. This will bring you to the Annual Budget information screen. Click on the Allocated Amount

8. Change the amount to the appropriate budget amount

9. Click Yes to certify the budgets

10. Click Save and Close

11. Go back to the Annual Cost Plans screen

12. Verify that the budget totals have been reduced or increased by refreshing the screen (press F5 on the keyboard).

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