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Filter by Service Authorization

All preset filters can be changed if needed by using the steps below.
1. Open Service Authorization Report.

2. Under the Service Authorizations section, you will see four rows displaying the default filters. 

3. Under the heading Service Authorizations, move the cursor over the word Today.

4. Click the drop-down arrow.

5. In the drop-down list, select On or Before or On or After.

6. Move the cursor over Enter Value.

7. Click on the Calendar Box.

8. Select a date. Another way to enter the date is to type it in the Date field in this format: mm/dd/yyyy.

9. The filter is now complete.

10. Click Run Report.

11. To change filter options or to add more filters after the report has been run, click Edit Filter at the top of the page.This will return you to the main report page.

12. Print the documents and deliver them to the provider, or save the documents for emailing to the provider.
NOTE: Waiver support coordinators are subject to federal HIPAA laws; therefore, all email transmissions of service authorizations must be secure.

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