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How do I create a cost plan?

Remember that approved services and a budget are needed before building a cost plan.

1. Click Consumers under People in the Workplace menu on the left side of the page

2. Double click on a consumer in the list

3. This action will pull up the consumer's Information page

Pre-Approved Services
1. To view pre-approved services, click Approved Services under Details

2. This takes you to a list of Approved Services


Annual Cost Plan
1. Once approved services and a budget have been entered, you can build the cost plan. Click Annual
Cost Plans in the Details menu on the left side of the page

2. Click New Annual Cost Plan

3. Click the Look-Up icon to the right of the Fiscal Year field to select a fiscal year for the cost plan

4. Select the fiscal year and click OK

5. In the Effective Date field, enter the effective date of the cost plan

6. Click the Save icon at the top of the page

7. The cost plan's budget amounts will be calculated and displayed on the page in the Amounts section. Eighty-five percent of the annual budget is calculated and placed in the Target Amout
field. Ten percent of the budget is shown in the Flexible Amount field. Five percent of the budget is
shown in the Reserve Amount field. This will total 100% of the budget (85% + 10% + 5% = 100%). The
Total Allocated Amount is shown at the bottom and contains the total dollar amount that is available
for the WSC to budget.

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