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How do I deny a cost plan?

Only area staff can deny cost plans.  Once a cost plan is denied, this can not be undone.  Please do not deny a cost plan unless that consumer is no longer in need of services.

Please note that when a cost plan is “Denied” the WSC will have to start from the beginning. We do not
recommend using this feature and instead encourage you to use the Send Back to WSC button.

1. Click the Monthly Cost Plans link in the Details menu to check the monthly expenditures against
monthly budgets

2. Click the Service Plans link in the Details menu.

3. Double click each service plan to review the budgeted amount for the service

4. Click the Notes tab to check for service plan notes. Service plan notes are the notes that appear on the
provider service authorization

5. If cost plan issues are found, take appropriate action to resolve the issues. This can be done by fixing
the issues yourself or sending the cost plan back to the WSC for review.

6. If the Cost Plan Status is Pending Review and the Processing Status indicates Pending Area Office
Review, the area office will see a date in the Effective Date field. The area office must enter comments
in the Area Office Processing Comments box for the cost plan

7. Select the Deny icon at the top of the page.

8. A pop-up box will appear asking if you are sure you want to deny this cost plan. Select OK

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