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If a customer needs non-routine dental services and they are not completed within the month, must I recreate a Service Plan?

Each Service Plan will generate Service Authorizations.  All Service Authorizations are for the quarter. The Service Authorizations for each quarter will be generated about 30 days prior to the first day of the quarter.  If you have created your service plan to span the full quarter, the appointment can be scheduled or rescheduled at any point within that Quarter, and you will not need to recreate the service plan.  If you created the service plan to only span one month, you can go in at any time and edit the service plan to span the quarter from the current start date until the end of that quarter by entering 1 unit in the first month, and 1 unit in the last month of the quarter, then dividing the total allocated amount between the two.  If the appointment needs to be rescheduled into a separate quarter, you will need to cancel the existing service plan (please confirm with the provider that no services will be billed, first), and build a new service plan for the next quarter.

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