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How do I sort the views in my Workplace?

Most column headers can be used to sort the information in the list. To do so, click on the column header

When the column header is used to sort, an arrow will appear to the right of the column header name, such as
after "Full Name" (above).

However, if the column header contains parenthesis “()” such as it may not be
used to sort.

When the column header is used to sort, some list pages will contain an alphabetic string of letters at the
bottom of the list.

You may click on a letter to limit the sorted list to only those records having data in the sorting column that
begin with the letter selected.

If a list extends to more than one page, a paging option is provided in the lower right corner of
the page.

Whenever a search box is provided, you can use it to limit the information being
displayed. An asterisk (*) can be used to search for a word within a phrase, such as the word “Happy” in the
phrase “Lowe’s Happy Home Away from Home” group home. Type: *happy in the search text box and click the
Search icon (magnifying glass).

If at any time you wish to refresh your view of a list, click the Refresh icon located in the upper right
corner of the list.

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