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Printing the Cost Plan Signature Page

The Cost Plan Signature Page is the document that will need to be signed and kept in the client central record for Delmarva purposes. To print the Cost Plan Signature Page, follow the instructions below.

1. Select Consumers under Workplace/People to find the consumer for whom you would like to print the summary page.

2. Double click your consumer

3. This opens the consumer Information screen

4. Select Annual Cost Plans under the Details menu (Figure 9.31). Highlight the Current Approved cost plan

5. Select the Reports icon

6. Select the report you would like to print. The Annual Cost Plan Report – Print View Details will give you the details of the cost plan. This includes units, rates, beginning and end dates, and budget allocated for each service. The Annual Cost Plan Report – Print View Summary provides a general overview of the service plans. For Delmarva purposes the summary report is sufficient. However, some families will want the detailed report.

7. A pop-up box will appear. Make sure to select The selected records

8. Click Run Report

9. The report will be generated

     NOTE: Please do not use the print icon located on the screen

10. To print, export to PDF by clicking on Select a format and from the drop-down list and choosing Acrobat (PDF) File. Click Export and the document will appear in a PDF file format. You will now be able to print the document

NOTE: You can also run this report by double clicking the Current Approved Cost Plan and selecting Reports.

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