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Advanced Find feature

Advanced Find is a tool that is a used by support coordinators and area offices. This feature allows you to create reports that are specific to your needs. This tool can be manipulated in many ways. Below are some things that you will want to remember.
1. Select the Advanced Find icon located on the top tool bar below the APD logo

2. A pop-up box will appear. It is important to remember to start with broad filter criteria and then filter for more specific information. First, you will want to select the drop-down arrow to find what you would like to look for

3. Hover over Select and click the drop-down arrow to filter more

4. After selecting a filter category, add more specific criteria such as consumers who are not 21

5. After setting all of your filter criteria, select Edit Columns to manipulate only the columns you would like

6. A pop-up box will appear. Below is a description of all the items from which you can select.

Green Arrows: Click on a column header (which will highlight it in green.) Use the right or left arrows to move the order of the columns.
Configure Sorting: You can choose a column by which you would like to sort the data. You can choose Ascending or Descending order.
Add Columns: You can add columns for information that is not previously shown.
Remove: By clicking on a column header, which will highlight it in green, you can remove the columns that do not pertain to your report.

7. Click OK

8. Select Find in order to run your report

9. Your report will be generated. Please remember to Select a Format to export to PDF. Do not use the print button.

10. If you would like to save your report for future use, simply select Back to Query

11. This will take you back on the filter criteria. Select Save As

12. A pop-up box will appear. Type the name of your report and a description if you like. Then select OK. Your report will now be saved for future use.

13. You can view these by selecting the Saved Views tab

14. Figure 10.19 displays the Saved Views screen

NOTE: You can also share your advanced find reports with other WSCs by selecting More Actions and then Sharing to share them exactly as you would share your consumers.

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