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How to Resend a Rejected Service Authorization

When FMMIS rejects a service authorization, and you know that the issue has been fixed, follow the
instructions below to resend the service authorization to FMMIS so that a PA number can be assigned.

1. Log in to the iBudget system

2. Find your consumer with the rejected service authorization in the Consumers tab under People in the
Workplace menu. Double click on the consumer.

3. This pulls up the consumer’s information page

4. Select Service Authorizations under Details menu

5. Sort the list by PA Status. This will group all of the rejected service authorizations together. Double
click to open the rejected service authorization

6. The rejected service authorization is now open

7. Click Resend on the top menu bar

8. The pop-up message will appear: Please make sure you have corrected the rejected reason below if
any. Are you sure you want to resend this rejected authorization to FMMIS? Click OK

9. This will change the PA status to Pending Transmit

10. FMMIS should assign a PA number over night, with the exception of Friday evening. Service
authorizations that are resent on Friday evening will have a PA number assigned the following

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