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How do I check paid claims?

There are various ways of viewing paid claims. It is important to verify and check paid claims prior to changing service plans. Without checking paid claims, your service authorizations may return with a rejected status rather than an approved status.  Please remember that there is a 10 day lag in the reporting of paid claims.  

Claims for All Consumers
1. Log onto the iBudget Florida application.

2. Click Claims under Workplace/iBudget

3. Double click the claim you wish to view

4. View the claim


Claims for Individual Consumers
1. Log onto the iBudget Florida application.

2. Click Consumers under the Workplace/People menu

3. Locate the consumer you wish to view. Highlight the consumer’s name and double click

4. This will open the Consumer Information page

5. Under the Details menu on the left side of the page, click on Claims

6. This pulls up the consumer’s paid claims

How to Export Paid Claims

For an Individual Consumer
1. Double click on the consumer for whom you would like to run the Paid Claims Report

2. The information page will open. Click Reports on the top of the page. Select WSC Paid Claims Report

3. The new window will open. Click Select a format. From the list, select Acrobat (PDF) file, then click

For a Group of Consumers
1. Select Consumers under the Workplace menu

2. Select the Reports icon under the search box

3. Select WSC Paid Claims Report

4. A pop-up box will appear. Select one of the options under Use these records. Click Run Report

5. A new window will open. Click Select a format and select Acrobat (PDF) file; then click Export

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