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1. Log on to iBudget.

2. Click Queues under My Work in the Workplace section on the left side

3. Double click the folder associated with your area office

4. Double click the task in order to read the notes

5. Once the task has been completed, click the Actions icon at the top of the page

6. Click the appropriate action for that task.
     a. If you are assigning the task to someone else, highlight the task you would like to assign.
          i. To assign to another user, click the Assign icon and search for the user that you would like to assign the task.
          ii. Once the user is located, select OK.

     b. If you would like to accept the task and move it into the In Progress folder under My Work, highlight the task and click the Accept… icon.
          i. To confirm, click OK

     c. If the task has been completed, click on Actions and then Close Task

7. Change status to Completed

8. Click OK.

9. Click Close. This takes you back to the Queue. Repeat steps as needed. 

10. Click the Refresh List icon

11. If you need to add a note or attach a file, click the Add a Note or Attach a File buttons

12. Once your task is completed, click Save and Close.

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