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How to Run Service Authorization Reports

To access and print service authorizations, please follow the steps in this section.

1. Log onto the iBudget Florida application.

2. Under Workplace/My Work, select Reports

3. Double click Service Authorization Report

4. You will see the Report Filtering Criteria screen. This is the default screen for running all reports. Under Report Filtering Criteria, there are three categories: Consumers, Providers, and Service Authorizations.

5. Under the Service Authorizations section, you will see four rows with default filters (Figure 8.4).
In Row 1, you see:
     PA Number Contains Data
     This refers to the PA number actually being assigned by FMMIS.  Only SAs with PA#s assigned will show on the report
In Row 2, you see:
     PA Status Equals Approved
     This refers to the service authorizations approved by FMMIS.  Only SAs with approved status will show on the report
In Row 3, you see:
     Status Reason Equals Canceled; Edit; New
     This refers to service plans that create service authorizations. Canceled refers to canceled service authorizations. New refers to brand new service      authorizations. Edit refers to service authorizations that have been changed. (The Edit feature allows you to view all service authorizations which have been changed without having to go through all existing authorizations.)
In Row 4, you see:
PA Assign Date Today - This will only return SAs that had a PA# assigned the day you are running the report. CHANGE THIS!!!!!
The Prior Authorization (PA) assigned date defaults to Today (the date the report is created). Change the word Today to On or After the date the PA# was assigned.  Remember, PA#s will begin to assign 30 days before the start of a quarter, unless the service plan was created after this time.

The Service Authorization Report can be filtered several different ways. Below are the most common ways to filter.

Filter by Consumers or Providers

This feature allows you to filter by either consumer or provider. This enables you to send a provider one file containing all of their service authorizations. The steps for filtering by a consumer or provider are the same.

1. Open Service Authorization Report.

2. Under the heading Consumers (or Providers if you wish to filter by provider) move the cursor over Select

3. Click the drop-down arrow.

4. Select Consumer (or Provider if filtering by provider).

5. The word Equals automatically populates

6. Move the cursor over Enter Value

7. A field appears with a Look-Up icon (magnifying glass). Click on the icon

8. You will see Consumer (or Provider) in the Look for: field. In the Search field, type the consumer’s (or provider’s) name.

9. On your keyboard, press Enter. Under Available records: highlight the consumer (or provider) searched for.

10. Double click on the consumer's or provider's name.
      NOTE: When searching for providers, some may be listed twice because they have two Medicaid Waiver IDs. Always select them both by double clicking on each.

11. The name will be copied and will appear under Selected records: on the right side of the screen

12. Click OK

13. If you wish to remove the record from the Selected records: list, click the back arrows in the center of the screen or double click the name you wish to remove.

14. The filter is now complete. Click Run Report

15. To change filter options or to add more filters once the report has been run, click Edit Filter at the top of the page

16. This will return you to the main report page

17. Print the documents and deliver them to the provider, or save the documents for emailing to the provider.

NOTE: Waiver support coordinators are subject to federal HIPAA laws; therefore, all email transmissions of service authorizations must be secure.

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