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Log On Errors

The solutions listed below are for issues that can occur while trying to log into the iBudget Web System. The main issue will be that when you type in your username and password the system will ask you for the information again. If this occurs please attempt all of the solutions before contacting the APD Help Desk for assistance.

Verify Username and Password
When entering your username and password, it might have been typed in incorrectly. If this is the case the log on box will appear again. Please verify that you have typed everything in correctly and click OK. Remember that after typing in the username and password incorrectly three times, your iBudget account will be locked out and you will need to contact the Help Desk.

Clearing Out the Cache
Another issue could occur when you try to log into iBudget. Your username and password can be stored on the machine in what is called a Cache File. Those files will need to be deleted. Please follow the instructions below to delete those files for both Java and Internet Explorer. Periodically it is a good idea to check these files and clean delete them. This will help in speeding up your machine.

Clearing JAVA Cache
1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Java
4. Click the General Tab
5. Click Temporary Internet Files Heading
6. Click Delete
7. Click Delete files
8. Check all boxes
9. Click OK
10. Click Close

Clearing Internet Explorer Cache
1. Click Start
2. Click Control Panel
3. Click Internet Options
4. Select the General Tab
5. Under the section titled Browsing History click Delete
6. Select the following:
     a. Temporary Internet Files
     b. Form Data
     c. Passwords
     d. Cookies
     e. Note: Other selections are optional but can also be checked
7. Click Delete
8. Click Apply
9. Click OK

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