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How do I get a VPN account?

For waiver support coordinators needing VPN access, the following process for establishing a VPN must be followed:
1. Request a Network Access Request Form (NARF) from the area office security administrator. (Click the link  Area Office Security Administrator to identify your security administrator.)
2. Complete this form and submit it to the security administrator.
(If you need access to any APD system, please fill in this form.)
3. The security administrator will submit the NARF.
4. State Office staff members will send the information to the Department of Management Services (DMS), which then reviews and sends it to Hayes, the VPN vendor.
5. Once the VPN is created, Hayes will email the requestor with the credentials to log into the VPN (this can take up to 60 days).
For the link to overall DMS information on VPN,  click here
For a direct link to rates,  click here
Note 1: Sending your information to anyone other than the security administrator will delay your VPN approval. If you have questions about the progress of your submission, please contact your security administrator.
Note 2: For security reasons, there can only be one user per VPN account. Sharing VPN account information is strictly prohibited.

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