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Password Requirements

The new password is a password of your choosing. It must conform to the following requirements:
     • It must contain at least eight characters
     • It must contain at least 1 character from 3 of the following 4 character sets:
         o Lower case characters (a-z)
         o Upper case characters (A-Z)
         o Number characters (0-9)
         o Special characters (!@#$%^&*()-_\|/?><”)
     • It cannot contain either your first or last name
         o Smith01! would not be an acceptable password for Bob in our example above
         o Sm!thO1! would be an acceptable password because the special character “!” has been substituted for the “i"
         o Please keep in mind that using a pattern for your password that resembles your name, while acceptable to the system, is not a good way to create a                       password.
     • You cannot reuse the last 5 passwords previously assigned to you
Examples of good passwords for Bob:
     • Sm!th01!
     • App1ec0r3
     • W@!v3rSu660rt
Examples of bad passwords for Bob:
     • sm1th01 – Only two character sets (numbers, and lowercase)
     • Smith01 – Two problems: 1) Password is too short (7 characters) and 2) It contains his last name (Smith).
     • Applecore – Only two character sets (uppercase and lowercase)
You will need to enter the same password in the two fields for the new password. When you have filled out the form for password change, click on the OK button. Should you need to start over, use the Reset button.

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