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I have questions on how to do something in iBudget. Who do I contact for how to instruction?

Most questions you will have can be answered by referring to your Quick Reference Guide, your User Guide, or your Troubleshooting Guide.  After looking at these documents, if you are still unsure of how to do something, please submit a ticket through the web portal or call the Help Desk, and they will create a service ticket and send it to the iBudget employee that is best qualified to answer your questions.  

If you are receiving an error message, or are having any other technical issues in iBudget, please refer to the trouble shooting guide and/or the system requirements listed here.  Once you have confirmed that all of these requirements are met, and if the troubleshooting guide does not answer the question, please call the Help Desk.  A service ticket will then be created and routed to the employee or group that is best able to resolve your issue.

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